We are manufacturers of High Quality Handmade Artist's Canvas. We prepare the famous and very strong Flemish Linnen for both Acrylic and oil painting. We are still using the traditional process our greatgrandfather used, back in 1890 when he founded the company.

We manufacture our PAINTING CANVAS onto rolls of 2.10 m wide and 10 m long for export purposes, we also supply framed canvas in all sizes and qualities

Our qualities are from rough texture painting canvas to very fine texture (for portraitpainting for instance)

Our company is a small family owned business, it was founded in 1890 and has been manufacturing Artists canvas in the traditional way ever since. Many famous painters have used and are still using our painting canvas.

Gustaaf Van Mulders founded the company in 1890, later his two sons Alfons and Petrus succeeded him untill the two sons decided to split the business in 1967. In 1974 Leona Van Mulders took over Alfons's business together with hergelijmd cousin Wery De Knibber. A few years ago Jan Van der Burght (son of Leona) took over the workshop and shop, hoping to be able to continue the tradition .

We continue to prepare our canvas in the old traditional way, using Rabit skin glue and our grandfathers special priming. The quality of our painting canvas is our first priority. Our canvas is manually stretched before preparation

We sell  our handmade Artist's canvas on 2.1m x 10 m rolls for  domestic and foreign customers.
We have different qualities, based on different 100% linen weaves. We prepare our canvas either for oil or for acrylic painting in the traditional way, with priming of Rabbit Skin Glue, and for oilpainting with a primer of linseed oil, titanwhite, chalk etc...

Besides our canvas we also offer a wide range of  artist materials such as Acrylic and oilpaint,  easels, brushes, stretcher bars etc...
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